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Water Kills

Primeval waters
Created the variance of the species
The first ripple
Was a spasm
Into a single drop
A single cell
Perfect as a star.

The star splintered
And through all transitions
Until the last metamorphosis
became the word

And all is water.
When water breaks
The child is born
And cadavers disintegrate
Is a kind of death
But still containing the
Explosive possibility of flawed diamonds.

The sea reflects the stars
And moonlight
It sucks the blood of sunsets

Water is a usurper of light
Of dimensions and forms
Of tastes and smells
Its myriad hues of cerulean
Azure, indigo….
Are plagiarised from sky shades;
An elemental tonal fraud.

The sea reclaims the bodies of men
Cities …
Kingdoms ….
The rivers are snakes
Octopi arms

The rivers flow
To join the seas
And congregate
In oceanic conspiracies
Strangling the earth
Eroding the shores
For a stratagem
Of final conquest

Lake placid
And the cerulean sprawl
Lazy vein
Of the Sudd Regions
Are dormant beasts
Waiting for a signal
To strike and pounce.

The desert
Is hoodwinked
Into parched unwitting bliss
Its dry riverbed
Is only the lid
Of a subtrata
Of the inner stream
In the other side
Of the underneath.

The waves
Gently rolling
Or in turmoil
Are an organized intelligence network.
The word travels in coded messages…
Some … underground
The message, deciphered, spreads;
War is declared.

The treasure troves
The cache of gold
And pearls
Are the glittering vaults
Coral webbed
Of many Atlantis.

The Pharoahs knew the wrath of water
In supplication
They invented water-Gods
And sacrificed maidens.

Water is
A deceiver
Do not waste it
Do not look out
The rain is black.

Do not move
The sea
Its frozen domains ??
The poles
Are a probable landing site
For the terrible flying chariots
Of the rain gods;
The heirs of vapour
Who will overtake the world.

There is no albatross
Only a polite letter of intent
In flowing red calligraphy
Blood of waves
The starfish is a fallen star
Ossified forever
In the deep of nowhere
The Deluge was a liquid warning
Of a final holocaust
The arc was no miracle
But a note of grace or parole
An elegant kufic sail
Before the last signature of the death sentence
When water becomes fire
In the ultimate reconciliation
Of opposites.